A 12 year old girl who was forced to marry a 35 year old Chinese man, and was 4 months pregnant when he took her to hospital this week was trafficked from her home in Vietnam.
Disgusted and shocked doctors called police after the girl appeared in hospital with a huge baby bump and stretch marks. Her  'husband'  tried to fake her as his 20 year old wife but the doctors upon seeing her knew she was no where near that age.
The girl who was unable to speak Mandarin (China's language) couldn't reveal her real age when questioned by doctors which prompted the 'husband' to tell the doctors ‘Do your job’ when the questioning by the doctors became to much.
Major General Ho Sy Tien, Director of the Criminal Police Department with Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security, said they believed the girl was most likely abducted and sold across the Vietnam border sometime between 2010 and 2011 meaning she would have been around six or seven years old at the time she was trafficked.
Tien said:
“So far there have been no results. We have yet to find her family, though initial findings of the case have been published in the media, so anyone who may know her can inform the police.”
The man, who has been arrested, is quoted as saying:
 “I took her here to be examined — just do your job. Stop asking so many questions.”