If you thought Wandile in Generations – the Legacy is really a boy, you’d better think again! 
The role is played so convincingly by the beautiful Chi Mhende, that you would never suspect anything about her gender. 
Chi was encouraged by her father to explore when she was young and was taught to read books by her mum. She said she knew about the character before the audition through the brief and had done her research. 
“The character is a 19-year-old soccer player who is a gentle, sensitive and beautiful young man. 
“The reason a woman plays the role of a man is because the character was a transgender and the actor must be able to play both roles,” said the outspoken young woman. 
Chi said her chest was strapped tightly to hide her boobs. 
Describing her role, she said it is like an artist who has been assigned to create a masterpiece. 
“This is how excited I was about my role.” 
She said through the role she wants people to know that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lives matters. 
“For every boy and girl who has a different story to tell, let Wandile be the angel who gives them a voice. 
“It is important that gay people are part of our community. 
“I hope in the future people won’t have to ask what LGBT stands for.” 
She said her preparation for the role starts with a warm-up of 30 minutes. 
She explained she has a naturally deep voice, but Wandile’s is a bit lower than hers. 
“I feel a vibration in my chest when he speaks,” said the talented actress. 
Chi added her new storyline answers a lot of questions about Wandile, and the character allowed her to practise her craft as an actress. 
“Viewers are going to see what Wandile always wanted to be.” 
Chi added when she walks on the street, people make remarks like “Haibo intombazana”, meaning is she a girl and “Uyaxoka”, which means she is lying.