I honestly don't understand this #FeesMustFall thing ... 😕
Okay I know I'm still in high school before you bit my head off I don't know all the facts ... my statement is based on what I know .😑
So most of you all are supporting #FeesMustFall while most of you can afford your fees 😏
It's understandable for those who can't afford them.
I mean we all have bills right ... so if fees have fallen who is gonna pay for the fees to keep the education institutions open ? 😕
I mean you all want quality education right ? 😯
So who is gonna teach you without getting paid ?
I mean our parents pay tax i know but their tax ain't enough cause most of you all have kids right and all that money goes to your kids grant 😕😢 and yet unesibindi sotyibatyiba uvule imilenze ungxole #FeesMustFall kodwa ngok ubuvula imilenze in the back sit of ivura ubungacinganga nge fees ...
Hayi wethu 😑
There should be no increase in fees qha and let fees be there 😊
Bit me kengok 😂🏃🏃🙈