THE People’s Poet, Mzwakhe Mbuli, has finally gone under the knife.
Mzwakhe was admitted to the Park Lane Hospital for a minor operation last week.
According to the poet, the procedure was to remove nodules from his throat.
Mzwakhe said he’d been running away from the operation for a long time. He said he was scared it might affect his voice – and didn’t know he had nodules.
“But after Mandoza’s funeral, I couldn’t run any more. I had to do it,” he said.
He said he’s recovering well.
“I had to fix what had been bothering me for a long time,” Mzwakhe said.
He said he could have gone to hospital before he was asked to be the MC at Mandoza’s funeral.
“I couldn’t refuse, although I tried to dodge it. I really tried to escape the idea of being the programme director at Mandoza’s funeral,” he said.
But once Mandoza had been laid to rest, the People’s Poet was left with no other choice but to let the doctors have a good look at his vocal cords and throat.
“I’m glad that after straining my voice no further damage occurred,” he said.
According to Mzwakhe, he had been repeatedly tested in three different hospitals without a definite result.
“When doctors at Park Lane told me it was just nodules, I couldn’t believe it!
“If I had known that, I would never have kept on postponing the test,” he said.
Source: Daily Sun