A MOTHER is demanding two cows from the family of a 12-year-old boy who had sex with her 10-year-old daughter. The incident apparently took place in a house in Cosmo City, Joburg on Thursday.
Both children admitted to having sex. The girl’s mum told Daily Sun the child’s future was destroyed and the boy must pay for the damage he caused.
“Both our families have agreed to resolve the problem together,” said the girl’s mum.
“There must be damages paid or they must guarantee that this boy will marry my daughter in the future.”
However, the boy’s family has said they can’t give two cows. A member of the family said: “We don’t have two cows. They are just kids and didn’t know what they were doing.”
According to a community member, the children have known each other since they were babies.
“They attend the same school and grew up together. Children like to explore,” said the resident.
Cultural expert Refilwe Wa Ga Khunou said the girl’s family must check what the boy’s family can afford before making demands.
Police Captain Mavela Masondo said the families need to visit the police station to resolve the matter.
Source: dailysun