He’s hot with grey hair, a thriving career in the entertainment industry. Every reason for Lungile Radu to be living thee life as a bachelor. But the 35 year old has now been married for two years and has the cutest son. Hunky actor Lungile Radu reveals why he decided to marry.

Hunky Actor Lungile Radu Reveals Why He Decided To Marry

In a interview on Cliff Central, Lungile says he has had his fare share of all the fun and he’s 35 years old and had been dating his wife for eighteen years. The couple met when they were in High School.

“I have no regrets. I’ve had my fare share, I’m 35 years old now. Luckily enough I found my partner. I’ve been dating my girl for 18 years now. We met in High School, we split up and then I did my hing, then you come back again,” Lungile told Gareth.

On groupies, Lungile says he doesn’t worry about those because his wife takes care of it. “She’s the total opposite to me. She doesn’t like this whole limelight thing, she’s very grounded, strict but knows how to have fun. She’s private but also a people’s person,’ Lungile gushed about his wife.

But according to Lungile’s BFF Thomas Gumede, Lungile’s wife is a CIA at night, who knows everything about Thomas and Lungile.