DBN NYTS group member Cebo Ngcobo is allegedly playing hide and seek with Lerato Mogoswane.
Early this year, the SunTeam reported that Cebo had allegedly impregnated the 21-year-old student and refused to acknowledge her as his baby mama.
Now Lerato claims Cebo is nowhere to be found – since the birth of her child.
She said Cebo asked for a DNA test to determine whether he was the dad – then vanished into thin air.
Speaking to Sunday Sun, Lerato said she’s considering consulting lawyers.
“He’s making a fool of me. It’s like I made the kid by myself. He doesn’t want to take ownership of the fact that he’s our child’s dad. And I’m not forcing him to be in a relationship with me, but he should be a father to his child,” she claimed.
She added: “I asked his manager, Scotch, to give me his new home address – so I can tell him I’m ready to do a DNA test. But Scotch refused.”
Scotch said: “I’m not allowed to give out artists’ addresses, but she did call requesting it.”
Cebo said: “This girl was sleeping around, isifebe. Her friends told me she’s messing with me and people from Kalawa told me I should stay away from her. I told her I’d do the DNA test when I’m ready.”