As I am writing these lines, I am also helping Tbo Touch to achieve his goals of  getting  free marketing.  When you see the above tweet you will thinks Tbo Touch is correct as you hate Hlaudi.  But metro is bigger than Tbo Touch.  There is no such thing that his fans followed him.  Why?

Remember when he was crying like a baby for #DataMustFall, that is where his business future lies.  Now who left FREE frequency for expensive data radio? remember data price hasn't change. He can have some audience who don't mind to waist their money  on junk items. The fact is internet radio is still not affordable to the majority of South Africans.

Why is the radio important?

Radio is important in the 21st century because it provides an opportunity for people who cannot access television and cannot read to keep up-to-date on the news and trends. Radio also provides portable entertainment and information for many; according to an American Media Services survey, 78 percent of individuals listen to radio in the car.

How has radio changed over the years?

When radio was first invented by Nikolai Tesla in 1893, it was primarily used to maintain contact between two or more ships at sea; today, the radio is a major source of news, weather and entertainment, and is popular because it is available to almost anyone. Initial radio designs were unable to transmit voices or music and were used to transmit Morse code.

Why Internet Radio is bad?

- A radio signal is often of poor quality when there is interference due to atmospheric conditions. People often perform other chores while listening to a radio and this makes the radio less engaging. Radios need more bandwidth and even then, the amount of data transmitted is limited.

- The vast amount of choices can also be a disadvantage if there is something specific you want to listen to. It may take you a while to sift through different radio shows or genres of music in order to find what you are looking for.

- Although the Internet has come a long way since it was created, it is still not perfect. These internet radio stations have a tendency to crash and be unreliable at times which can be aggravating.

- The receiving equipment used, such as stand-alone internet radio transmitters, is very expensive at the moment due to a more sophistated infrastructure that needs to be used in order to transmit the radio stations. Although it is not expensive to listen to these stations on your computer, that might be a limitation if you want to expand upon the locations that it would transmit.