Rapper Kwesta may have one of the biggest songs of the year but he says there’s still so much more he wants to achieve.

Kwesta is hardly a new face to SA hip-hop‚ having been in the industry for several years‚ but his fans have always noted the fact that their idol has often been overlooked for awards and accolades because of his status as more of an underground artist.
It’s a battle the Ngud rapper is aware of‚ but isn’t losing sleep over.
“Yeah! I feel like I should have won more awards and obviously there are awards I think I should have won. You get nominated and think ‘sh*t. It would be great. I wish I could win’ and I’ve lost so many awards‚ so many! But it’s not really about that. I don’t go into studio thinking that the song I am recording should win this and this award‚” Kwesta says.
But now that he has found mainstream success with his chart-topping singles‚ Kwesta is determined to keep working hard to maintain his position in the industry.
“I’ve been given an opportunity that not many artists ever get in their entire career‚ which is a life changing song. Mine was Ngud and I’m just trying to ride the wave of that. It really has changed my life‚” Kwesta says.
The rapper explains that the song came to him while he was messing around in studio‚ and he never imagined it would become so popular.
“The song literally came to us while we were in studio. I mean the song is inspired by what it is‚ an ngud is a beer‚ and I was on a few at the time. I woke up and just started playing with sounds and thinking of what I was doing at the time‚” Kwesta explains.
He puts the track’s success down to his legions of fan‚ who he sees as his family‚ and says that it humbles him to think of the sacrifices they’ve made for him.
“No one owes me anything and so when someone spends their time and hard-earned money on something I’ve created‚ it humbles me. I’m just so grateful. And all I can do is keep making music like I always have‚” Kwesta says.