Veteran broadcaster Lionel Myles is taking action against Kofifi FM and Joseph Cotty over his suspension from the station for congratulating the DA on its election victory. Photo: Antonio Muchave.

Disgruntled Kofifi FM presenter Lionel Myles has likened the CEO of the station - Joseph Cotty - to controversial former SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

"Not only does he resemble him, he also rules with an iron fist. The staff at the station call him Hlaudi Motsoeneng junior behind his back," said Myles.
The veteran radio personality, originally from Randfontein on the West Rand, is hugely popular on the Westbury community station with the Good Morning Kofifi Family Show that airs between 9am and midday on weekdays.
Myles said he was dismissed after congratulating the DA for winning the ward where the station is based.
"On September 22 I walked into the studio and greeted my listeners differently. I said 'Viva and congratulations to the DA! I hoped the councillors elected have no excuses now and will deliver to our people and not make empty promises'. I then continued with the usual programming.
"But the news of the day was obviously focused on the DA performing well, so the conversation continued. At 9.45am Joseph called and told the controller to cut me off and just play music. But the person refused.
"He made his way to the station and was there during the news bulletin at 10am. He told me to pack my bags and leave with immediate effect. He said to me I was suspended indefinitely. I begged and pleaded with him, and explained that I was merely saying these people must make a difference like they promised the people. But he told me never to come back until he has decided otherwise. He said he would call me, but he still hasn't."
Myles claimed Cotty boasted the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) belonged to the ANC and they would not be happy with Kofifi backing the DA.
"He says I make everything political. But politics was the subject of the day. Also, whenever I criticise the DA and the EFF then all is well. I am confused," said Myles.
He also claimed that for the past four years he was being paid a salary by former soccer boss and convicted fraudster Aziz Kara.
"Now my salary has not been paid in the last two months," he said.
Cotty refuted all claims against him.
"I respect and love Mr Myles but it was a culmination of things that led to his suspension . not just the DA issue. He is always saying silly things that gets the station into trouble.
"Also, he was never paid a salary because he is a volunteer here. Aziz Kara was paying him a petrol stipend only. We are also lucky that Icasa hasn't come after us yet," he said.
Kara said he had no affiliation with the station and only helped out Cotty from time to time.
"I have no dealings with this issue. I just paid the man what Joseph asked me to, whether it's petrol or whatever I'm not sure. He is my friend so I help him."
Myles's legal representative Warren Harris said the two parties will appear before the CCMA later this month.
Source: sundayworld