Kenny Kunene is not called the Sushi King for nothing. He can smell a stinking fish from a mile away, but may have been a tad too late to stop the rot.

Kunene, 46, almost became a victim of fraud last month but was quick to react.
The controversial businessman, who shot to prominence for eating sushi off the bodies of naked women, was alerted to the scam just in time and asked to have the transaction of almost R85000 reversed.
According to a police report, Kunene, who laid charges of fraud, had made the payment to a shipping engineering company for hydraulic cylinders.
Kunene was making the payment on behalf of his brother, Neo.
"Neo received the purchase order from the Department of Tourism and an invoice from the shipping engineers, which looked genuine.
"As soon as the payment was done, he realised that the whole thing was fraudulent when he received information that the company does not exist but the payment was already done.
"The total amount of R83174.40 was transferred from the FNB account," reads the statement.
Kunene did not want to comment on the charges and whether his bank was able to reverse the transaction before the scamsters smiled all the way to the ATM.
"Even if I donate everything I have to charity, the media will find a reason to always write bad things about me," he said.
Police spokesman David Mothapo confirmed that a case of fraud was opened at the Sandton police station.
"We can confirm that it was indeed Mr Kunene who laid the charge.
"The matter is still under investigation and no arrests have been made as yet. We cannot confirm if the money was retrieved in time or not," said Mothapo.
Source: sundayworld