Kanye West has threatened to boycott the 2017 Grammy awards if Frank Ocean doesn’t receive nominations for his two albums Blonde and Endless.

According to several reports, neither Blonde nor Endless were submitted to be considered for the awards before the 30 September cut-off date, despite being eligible for inclusion.
And Kanye isn't too happy about this.
Speaking during his show in California, the rapper gushed over Frank's music offering, before revealing his plan to give the awards show a wide berth if he isn't nominated.
"The album I listen to the most this year is Frank Ocean’s album. I’ll tell you this right now, if his album is not nominated in no categories, I’m not showing up to the Grammys. As artists, we’ve got to come together to fight the bullsh**."
He then invited the head of the Grammys to "come and holla at Ye".