Julius Malema is well known as a politician but never too much on his personal life. Thanks to Anele Mdoda, the EFF leader opened up about everything we needed to know about him as Julius. Everyone’s favorite politician to imitate, Malema sounded unbothered maybe because no one does it right. Julius Malema says even Trevor Noah has failed to imitate him.

There might not be bad blood between Julius and Trevor Noah but it might be safe to say Julius is not impressed by Trevor’s attempt at imitating him. Asked how he feels when he watched comedians and mostly Trevor Noah make fun of him in his comedy skits, Julius revealed he’s not a fan of comedy.

“Firstly, I don’t like comedy. My son is the one who keeps on bringing Trevor Noah, ‘daddy we must watch this’. He goes on YouTube and those type of things. I realize I’m a very difficult person to imitate, even Trevor is not succeeding. He’s not winning,” Julius said laughing.