Julius Malema is used to making headlines but rarely opens up about his personal life. 

He was on Real Talk with Anele Mdoda where he couldn't escape questions about his private life and his relationship with his wife.

Speaking about his wife, Mantwa, Julius said that his life has changed a lot.
"I used to drink and go to clubs. I started going to movies now because my wife forced me."
He explained that at first he resisted the suggestions, saying that there will be a lot of people and "what if I pass out. I'm going to be a joke".
But Mantwa persisted and Julius said he is grateful.
"My wife came into my life full time like that when my boy was almost 8. My boy has been trying to get me to the movies and he didn't succeed because I'd say I'm busy. Now I'm dragged into movies."
But Julius still battles to attend movies because he doesn't understand "white people when they speak".
"I can't hear the white people when they speak. Then I keep on saying 'what are they saying?' Then when I ask, someone is trying to call me to order and 'sssh.'"

His wife called him to order and told him to "behave" when they arrived.
Anele asked him whose call he will always take, no matter what.
"My wife's number. Even if I put 'do not disturb' on the phone. I put her on favourites so she can come through. There will be trouble at home. At home it must be peaceful. I can't be fighting with Zuma and there's another Zuma in the house."
Julius explained that his wife isn't afraid to call him out when he does things wrong.
"Then I go home and I'm woken up at two in the morning. 'Hey, just tell me why you are not answering my phone."
Speaking about his marriage, Julius explained that his wife has opened him up to new things.
"She completes me. She's able to speak a lot of sense and persuade me to see certain things different and get me to do things I haven't done. And watching Perfect Wedding (Our Perfect Wedding). Things I used to think were girly things... I enjoy them."
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