The Congress of South African Students (COSAS) has recently called on Babes to publicly condemn unlawful fun such as drug abuse and underage drinking.
“We are challenging Babes Wodumo to come out boldly to denounce and condemn drug abuse, underage drinking and unlawful fun. We acknowledge the amount of influence she currently has on young people and we call on her to do the right thing and also contribute in fighting this pandemic,” read part of COSAS’ statement.
COSAS claimed that Babes’ latest track is named after a killer drug that’s landed many young people in KwaMashu and surrounding townships in hospital.
Speaking to TshisaLIVE on Tuesday, Babes’ camp slammed the accusations. According to Babes manager Victor Dlokolo, the songs name refers to Babes dream car and not the drug.
“There is not a single lyric about alcohol and drugs in her single Mercedes. A Mercedes Benz is Babes’ dream car which she wants to buy for her father and this is what she refers to in the song,” explained Victor.
“People love to celebrate and pay attention to negativity, and give it hype. Babes is just sitting on top of her dream car singing her song, but now people are saying she is promoting drugs,” he added.