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is Heavy K engaged to his girlfriend, Innocentia Morolong

AWARD-WINNING house music producer Heavy K is allegedly officially off the market!
It is rumoured “Heavy K”, real name Mkhululi Siqula, couldn’t hide his excitement after allegedly getting engaged to his girlfriend, Innocentia Morolong.
The producer, who is popularly known as the “Drumboss”, posted a picture on social media with the caption: I liked it & then putted (sic) a ring on it.
A source close to the couple said the proposal was long overdue.
“They started dating last year and since then, they’ve been all over each other. They’ve tried to keep their love life out of the spotlight, but it’s hard as they’re inseparable,” said the source.
The source said when Heavy K bought Innocentiahis new fiancee a car, it was clear the ring was next on the list.
Another source said Heavy K worships the ground Innocentia walks on.
Said the source: “He hasn’t been the same since they met and has hinted she’s the woman he’d spend the rest of his life with.”
Last year Sunday Sun reported they were lovers, but the couple denied it.
When called for comment, Innocentia couldn’t confirm or deny she was engaged.
She said: “That’s a thing I can’t comment on. Not in the bad way, I prefer not to talk about my love life.”
Heavy-K asked the SunTeam to send him an email, but he hadn’t replied at the time of going to press.

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