Popular TV personality Ntando Duma has officially stepped into womanhood, but it seems that not everyone is happy.

The star celebrated her Umemulo (coming of age) ceremony, along with her sister Thando, in Orange Farm over the weekend. The ceremony was attended by family and close friends, including singer Candy Tsamandebele.
But whenever poor Ntando tried to upload pictures of the celebrations on Instagram, to share the moment with her fans, they were removed.
Including this snap (Warning: it contains nudity)
And an uncensored version of this snap.

According to Ntando, the pictures had been reported and removed from her page, leading to her having to upload censored versions of the snaps to keep them on the platform.
She responded angrily to her pictures disappearing, saying that it was her culture and not nudity.
"This is not nudity, its culture! Ningazos'dina (Don't p*ss me off)! Report it again, ngizokuLoya (and I will bewitch you)," she wrote in one caption.
Her anger was shared by Candy, who took to the comments section of a post to accuse the people who reported the image of being sour and jealous.
"I think the person who reported never had an opportunity to see her or his own girl child (have this ceremony because they) were sleeping around. So now for them to see the girl who was well groomed and respected loving herself so much, it's killing them deeply. We love you and South Africa loves you, Ntando and Thando " Candy wrote.
Thando's Instagram account has been deactived since she posted pictures of the ceremony. It is not known if she herself removed the account or if it was reported.