Even though he didn’t have much growing up, South African-born comedian Trevor Noah has never felt poor
The host of The Daily Show, Noah was taken aback when he shared about his childhood with the New York Times on Tuesday.
“As modestly as we lived, I never felt poor because our lives were so rich with experience,” he told the publication. “We were always out doing something, going somewhere. Sometimes, my mom would take me on drives through fancy white neighborhoods. We’d go look at people’s houses, look at their mansions,” he added.
Trevor heaped praises on his mother, whom he said “refused to be bound by ridiculous ideas of what black people couldn’t or shouldn’t do.”
She raised him to believe that he can be anything he wanted. “My mother showed me what was possible,” he said.
He said his mother prepared him for a life of freedom long before they knew freedom would exist. “My mother started her little project, me, at a time when she could not have known that Apartheid would end. I was nearly 6 when Mandela was released, 10 before democracy finally came, yet she was preparing me to live a life of freedom long before we knew freedom would exist,” he said.