Fifi Cooper speaks out about being a strong independent woman.

After seven years of being with her ex-boyfriend and sharing a child with him, rapper Fifi Cooper opens up about being an independent woman.

Speaking to Drum magazine about being a single mom, Fifi says that her son is the love of her life.
And one of the main reasons she hustles so hard.
"All this hustle that I am doing now is to give my son a better life," she said.
Speaking about her son's father the rapper said that they do not co-parent. "We don't really co-parent, because I honestly don't need anything from him".
Fifi went on to add that her baby daddy is free to do whatever he wants to for their child when he can.
But as an independent woman she takes care of all of his needs.
Fifi has previously opened up about breaking up with her baby daddy explaining that he did not "understand" her line of work, and "did not support her career".
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