THE girl thought sex would get her a laptop.
But she’s still offline, and said: 
These bitter words came from Masego Tselapedi (20) from Rustenburg in North West. She claims blesser Serge Cabonge used her body, but gave her little in return.
Masego is a second-year student at Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria. She claimed she had sex with Serge three weeks ago – because she wanted him to buy her a laptop.
The part-time model and dancer told Sunday Sun: “I met Serge through a friend. We began chatting via WhatsApp and he came over to our place to see me. 
“He took me to lunch at the Southern Sun in Sandton. I had a hot chocolate.”
Masego went on to claim: “After lunch, Serge took me to Taboo Night Club – where he bought me a bottle of Hennessy and an Appletiser.
“I was with three girls the whole night. I drank the whole bottle alone as he was sitting with friends. 
“I don’t know who those women were, but I think they were also blessees.”
She further claimed she stayed at Taboo until 3am, and was taken by a friend of Serge’s to an apartment.
“Serge came to my room at 5am and we had sex. We used a condom – but it burst!
“When I asked him if he’d ejaculated inside me, he said the condom didn’t break. We did one round and he left.
“I stayed there in that flat with no food for the whole day. He came back at 3pm. He took me to McDonald’s and bought me a burger,” she said.
Masego claimed Serge sent her to withdraw R6 000, gave her R1 000, then dropped her at the Sandton Gautrain station.
“When I arrived in Pretoria I rushed to a doctor for a check-up, because the condom broke. I used R500 for the consultation fee, R200 for pills and R200 for HIV testing.
“I used R60 to board the train from Sandton to Pretoria. So I was left with nothing!
“My reason to flirt with Serge was because I wanted him to buy me a laptop, as mine got stolen in April. I regret doing what I did. I know it’s wrong, but I wanted to experiment with the blesser thing,” she said.
The sadder and wiser girl told the People’s Paper: “I want to warn young people against blessers. They don’t bless people. They’re only after sex.
“I feel Serge f*ck*d me for mahala – and he never answered my plea for him to buy me a laptop!”
Yesterday Serge said: “I don’t know who you’re talking about.”
He added: “That woman only came to me and said I must buy her a laptop. I don’t know her. I never slept with her. I’ll find her and confront her.”