Sbu was speaking to Drum magazine and detailed the rough patch he went through in his life.
"I was at the Metro FM Awards and promoted my energy drink. I got fired out of Metro FM. Apart from getting fired we got ordered by Forbes in the US. We became one of the three African beverage companies (featured) that are making strides in the African continent."
He said he shared the link with his followers and one of his fans created an artwork where he was put on the cover.
It was then that Forbes South Africa sent out a press release distancing themselves from the cover after Sbu put it on his social media account without explaining that it was a fake.
"They wrote a press release saying I faked a cover even though I didn't. I don't have a problem getting trolled. I've been in the industry forever. "
Sbu says despite the drama it was his energy drink, Mofaya, that won.
"Everybody was talking about my drink. Some say 'you're an ass.'  Of course I'm an ass. I'm always selling something. I shouldn't be fired for promoting my drink when everybody else was talking about Louis Vuitton and Gucci. They shouldn't be penalising us."
Sbu said that even though he was angry at the time he now realises that it was a blessing and he has learnt many lessons.
The DJ says he is ambitious and his daughter has inspired him to make a change.