We are not sure if it’s a DJ thing but DJ Fresh just like his BFF Euphonik has no filter and will say the craziest of things on air and of course Touch Central being uncensored, he was in heaven. DJ Fresh reveals one thing he’d do if he was a woman for a day.

To say we were left stunned is an understatement. Asked what he’d do if he was a female for a day, the DJ didn’t hold back with his answer. “I would play with myself the whole day! Have you seen the look on a woman’s face when she comes hard?”, Fresh said to the presenter’s shock.

Asked what he’d do if he was to die in 30 minutes, Fresh says he would love to change into a woman so that he can play with “herself’ and have the best last 30 minutes on earth.

Oh one more thing, DJ Fresh says for All the ladies who’ve sent nudes to South African DJs….chances are all DJs have seen them. TMI?!