THE thugs thought the gogo was an easy target, but they were in for a painful surprise.
Gogo Anna Moumakwe (74) told Daily Sun she was leaving her home in Zone 2, GaRankuwa, Tshwane when a car stopped next to her.
She was going shopping at the GaRankuwa Shopping Centre and the man and the woman in the car offered her a lift.
On the way to the mall they picked up another woman who thanked them for giving her a lift as well.
Then the driver told her she had won a competition for old people and she was going to get R230 000.
They asked for her ID book and Sassa card and she said it was at home. At home she got suspicious and told them her son had her card.
“They said they would take me to the mall but drove with me in another direction.”
Then the woman on the back seat started choking the gogo.
But gogo Anna fought back.
She pushed her thumbs into the woman’s eyes.
“She let go and I kicked the door open and jumped out of the car.”
The driver stopped the car and ran after the gogo and tripped her.
As she fell to the ground he grabbed her handbag and threw it into the car.
With the man’s knee in her chest and his hands around her neck, gogo Anna fought for her life.
“I grabbed him by his 4-5 and squeezed as hard as I could.
“I saw his eyes rolling in his head and he screamed in pain. I pushed him away.”
She kicked him and he staggered back to his car and drove off.
Gogo Anna ran to the tar road and took a taxi to the cop shop.
GaRankuwa police spokesman, Captain Matthews Nkoadi, confirmed a case of theft was opened but said no one was arrested.