We've all seen the memes and maybe created a few, but most people don't know the story of Jake, the Ghanaian boy who became an overnight internet sensation. 
The picture of the young boy sitting on a desk, writing with a serious expression on his face has been shared thousands of times in Africa and South Africans have not been left behind with memes being shared on social networks.
The picture was part of Ghanaian artist, SOLOMON ADUFAH series called ‘homeland series’. It features pictures of underprivileged kids on the African continent and the artist has appealed to people to help with funding and resources for kids like Jake.  
The artist recently posted this picture of Jake saying "Jake was one of the children I taught in Ghana. He was always gentle and quiet.. Ever present in class and was eager to learn everyday. That's what I loved about all the children. Their enthusiasm and high spirit was refreshing and encouraged me to continue helping them". 
He also said that he hopes something good will come out of the memes and attention that Jake is getting. Read the rest of the post below: