Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa recently opened up about how her relationship with her now husband Black Coffee. Whilst opening up about her romantic engagement in Greece, the actress left the presenters shocked and a little bit envious. Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa talks cell phone rules in her marriage.

“He was just acting dodge and I thought this is not the Nkosinathi I know. I wasn’t allowed to touch the phone, I was not allowed to touch the bags and I thought ‘it’s too soon for this nonsense, we can’t be playing these games'”, Mbali said of moments leading to her surprise engagement.

Enhle says she could understand why she couldn’t get into her now hubby’s phone. Asked why she wanted to get into his phone by one of the presenters, Enhle didn’t hesitate to respond, “It’s Ours!” (Black Coffee’s phone).

There you have it kids. This might be the secret to a happy marriage…what’s your is mine, yes/no?!