He is known for his high kicks and outrageous stage outfits but he is mostly loved for turning any ordinary song into a hit.
And while some have questioned the energetic Dr Malinga about his age, he is not fazed by what people think. “I am 36 years old, I was born on 7 July 1980. If people think I’m older, it’s ok,” he shares.
Last year there were rumours of Dr Malinga having left record company Kalawa Jazmee because of money. “I left Kalawa because my contract ended, and I wanted to start my own company,” Malinga says.
He acknowledges that no one is perfect and there were times where he was not happy at the company, “The great work that Kalawa Jazmee did for me far outweighs the bad. Oskido contributed a lot in the person that I am today,” Malinga adds.
After leaving Kalawa Jazmee, Malinga started his own record company, Linga Entertainment where he signed up and coming artists,” My company is doing very well, that is why I could afford to buy my house cash last year,” Malinga continues.
“I bought my house for R3,2 million. I am not trying to brag but I am encouraging people to believe that anything is possible if you believe and if you work hard,” Malinga says.
Doctor Malinga’s single Akulaleni featuring Trademark is available on iTunes for download.