Mthoko Mkhathini, better-known as Dash, and actress Ayanda Thabethe are not shy to talk about how close they are and how much they support each other’s career paths.
“Ayanda is the closest thing I have in Joburg. She supports me a lot and I do the same,” said Dash.
Dash says he met Ayanda before moving to Joburg and they clicked immediately.” We spend a lot of time together, we have a great relationship,” he said.
Ayanda Thabethe was once married to television presenter Andile Ncube.
“That is something that happened two years ago, I have moved on and I am looking ahead now and focusing on my career,” Ayanda said.
Although Dash and Ayanda did not want to confirm whether their relationship went beyond just friends, they said they are very close. “I don’t want to confirm much. If people don’t like us together, it’s cool. If they like us, even cooler,” Dash adds.

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