The raging debate about who is the queen of dance between seasoned urban pop sensation Chomee and rising kwaito starlet Babes Wodumo will be put to bed when the two share the stage for the first time at DJ AJ's birthday bash at Kwa-Lichaba in Soweto today.

For many years Chomee has reigned unchallenged as the queen of dance because of her hypnotising and sexually provocative antics. This after the Jiva Sexy hitmaker outdanced, with ease, Mzansi's respected choreographer Somizi "Madam Gigi"Mhlongo in Sandton a few years ago.
But since the sudden rise of the Wololo hit-maker, her legion of fans and industry critics have tipped the KwaZulu-Natal bombshell, whose You Tube dance vids have all surpassed a million viewers, to wipe the floor with Chomee's face if they went toe-to-toe.
On the other hand, Chomee's battalion of fans and industry pundits were adamant that although the Soweto-born lass had not produced a hit for a while and has gained a bit of weight she was still nimble enough to outshine the upstart from Durban.
"Babes Wodumo is a talented singer but not a talented dancer. We love her and her music but she still has a long way to go before she can outdance Chomee. She must ask Somizi," said an artist who didn't want to be named.
But another insider has bet his money on Wodumo.
"You can't give your best performance if you don't have a hit.
"I think Wodumo will please and entertain the crowd more than Chomee because she has a hit song, which is gunning for song of the year accolades," said another artist who also don't want to be named.
Although this is not a dance competition with a panel of judges, the reaction of the crowd will be used as yardstick to determine who is the best between the two queens of the dance floor.
How did AJ pull this off? With the help of his famous daddy, Arthur Mafokate, of course.
Daddy dearest believes getting Chomee and Babes Wodumo on the same stage was a coup for AJ, as social media pundits have been demanding an answer to the standing question.
Chomee didn't seem fazed by all the hype, saying she would do what she does best.
"It feels good to be back in the game with my new single, which features Professor.
"It's also exciting that I inspire young artists like Babes Wodumo," said Chomee.
Babes Wodumo dropped the call every time we called her to solicit comment.
"My dad always told me to do shows that will have an impact.
"With the hype over Babes Wodumo and Chomee, I realised it was a great opportunity to stage a memorable birthday," said AJ.
DJ Fresh, DJ Sbu, Cici and Ishmael will also be among the artists on the bill.