Olympic gold medalist Caster Semenya is no stranger to controversy with critics constantly taking aim at her.

Despite having a huge fan following who rally behind her, celebrate her achievements and defend her against critics, Caster has still faced an immense amount of backlash over the years.
Just before heading off to the London Olympics in 2009 it emerged that Caster would be subjected to gender tasting ahead of the sporting event.
The athlete has never been one to entertain any form of hate or criticism, and in a recent interview with Sunday World, Caster reiterated her stance on haters.
The athlete says that her haters have actually pushed her to do better.
"To my haters. They really encouraged me with their criticism. They really pushed me harder so I could do better, even if I wanted to quit I wanted to do better to obviously prove them wrong," Semenya said.
Caster added that she knows that haters get angry because she never reacts to them.
"They push me hard even though they get angry because I am always happy even though deep down I know that I am sad," said Semenya.
Source: timeslive