When it comes to friendly exes, no one does it better than Boity and Cassper. The rapper had nothing but great things to say about his famous ex Boity in an interview with Anele. Cassper went as far as saying Boity makes it difficult for him to date now because of the girlfriend standards she set. “That’s the only relationship I didn’t regret,” Cassper on Boity.

“Boity is a beautiful woman inside and out. That’s the one relationship I really don’t regret. Asked if he regrets any of his relationships, Cassper says she regrets a lot of them because a lot of things went wrong.

“I think Boity was good for me. She taught me a lot. That’s why it’s very difficult for me to get into any other relationship because she’s (Boity) a woman. Despite saying someone else should marry Boity in a different interview. We predict there might be more of Boity and Cassper in the future.