SELF-PROCLAIMED international blesser and prominent businessman, Serge Cabonge, has hit back at Masego Tselapedi, the girl who claimed he bonked and promised to buy a laptop, but didn’t.
This week, in a dramatic turn of events, Masego (20), changed her tune and claimed she doesn’t know Serge and never did an interview with Sunday Sun.
But Serge is having none of it.
Speaking to the People’s Paper, the blesser said: “I have WhatsApp messages from this girl asking me for a laptop. I was only introduced to her by my cousin and never slept with her.
“I’m a responsible man. Her claims that I slept with her and did not use a condom are all lies. She will suffer the consequences.
“Yes, I’m a blesser and an international one for that matter, but I’m aware there will be people who want to take advantage and spread all sorts of lies about me.
“I will not buy her a laptop because she lied about me. she’s still a student and I’ve helped many students in the past.”
He continued: “I’m even prepared to take a lie detector test to show the world I never slept with that woman. She’s still young and perhaps she’s surrounded by wrong people.”
Masego is a second-year student at the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria. She claimed she had sex with Serge three weeks ago – because she wanted him to buy her a laptop.
Yesterday, when asked to comment on the new allegations from Serge, she said: “No comment, leave me alone.”