House DJ legend Black Coffee says his ultimate dream is to help create a system that promotes future leaders and forward thinkers
Taking to social media, Black Coffee stated his views about growing up in Mzansi. He spoke about the many things he had to face and learn growing up.
“Growing up in my Country I had to learn the truth on my own about a lot of things… things that are meant to define who I truly am as a South African or an African… I had many questions about so many different things… like if the insides of a slaughtered animal (tripe) and its legs and head (amanqina neskobho) are meant to be thrown away why is it called my traditional food… why was I always told to dress smart but never taught to be smart or business minded…”
He also touched on the apartheid system and how it destroyed self love and the pride of black people.
“I understand the apartheid system was very instrumental in destroying self love and pride of Black People… But now that’s gone… what are we doing to change the state of our Nation now as People… when do we start building a society we are proud of, encourage our children to follow their dreams not just getting a degree on marketing or business management when in reality they’ll never manage any business with these degrees… it’s paper to hang on the wall to make the elders happy…”
The We Dance Again hit-maker further questioned the reality of people with skills but no jobs. He further called for children to be taught about “struggle heroes” so as to have “love, pride and respect for where they come from and who they are.”
On the matter of #FeesMustFall, Black Coffee wanted know if all the students will get jobs. “If fees do fall… are all these students guaranteed jobs? After all the agony, conflicts with the police, the arrests, the injuries and the damages on all these properties…”
Time for change is now… and no we don’t need to march and sing… we need to start the conversation and implement it ourselves,” he passionately captioned his post.