Rapper Kieran “AKA” Forbes’ business partner and Executive Director at his new company Beam Group, Prince Costinyo, confirms a partnership with Mabala Noise but denies AKA being signed to Mabala Noise.
An unnamed source close to AKA’s camp said the One Time rapper received an offer from Mabala Noise bosses to be one of the artists signed under the new record label.
Costinyo confirmed that AKA was in talks with Mabala Noise but will however not be signing a deal with them as one of the artists.
“Yes we are in talks with Mabala Noise. AKA will unfortunately not be signed to the company. He will only be collaborating with Mabala Noise artists on certain projects,” he explained.
He said Mabala Noise’s vision was not aligned with the Beam Group’s vision and they had to decline the offer. “Mabala Noise grooms artists in order to make them international brands, we have a completely different strategy, but that won’t stop us from doing collaborative work with them,” Costinyo said.
Mabala Noise Head of communications Hloni Gumede said, “We did not approach AKA to sign under Mabala Noise. AKA did, however, send a verse for a song he is working on requesting to feature one of the Mabala Noise artists, who I cannot mention as yet,” Gumede said.
Gumede also went on to say that although they are open to future business proposals, they would not be signing AKA, ”We are all industry friends. Mabala does not have secrets and if we were signing AKA, we would let you know,” Gumede added.