AKA has added his voice to the debate around the #FeesMustFall protests and the ongoing violence around the movement, saying that police brutality will only make the student's cause stronger

Taking to Twitter amidst ongoing violence and claims of police brutality at Wits University on Tuesday, AKA said that the authorities need to realise how determined the protesters are.

The rapper says that it is time for the nation to really look at whether the student's demands for free education is possible, and not just rely on other people's opinions.

In fact, the rapper is so passionate about the cause for free education that he has offered to march with protesters.
The rapper marched as part of similar protests last year, also at Wits University, but was met with criticism from students who believed that he was using the movement for his own exposure.
He faced similar criticism this year from social media users whenever he spoke about the movement.
But he responded to this by saying he would only participate if needed.

AKA's comments came only moments after DJ Black Coffee took to Twitter to slam police brutality on University campuses across the country.
"It's really hard to sit and watch how the students are being assaulted by the Police. We should all get involved...it is now everyone fight," Black Coffee tweeted.
The protests have also drawn sharp reaction from South African Olympic gold medallist Caster Semenya. The 800-meter running champion hit out at the #FeesMustFall campaign, insisting that students are wasting their time.
"I'm not saying [the campaign] is good or bad but I wouldn't go out there to jeopardise my school work and waste my time toyi-toying because I cannot afford school. Are you just doing that because you're a failure [academically], [attempting to] disturb others so that they cannot graduate or are those people [leading the campaign] postgraduate students?" Caster told Sowetan this week.