AKA is never one to not speak out on anything that bothers him and we think twitter was created for people like him. The rapper is not impressed with his former High School not recognizing him for his achievements. ‘I’ve always wondered why my High School never honored me,’ AKA tweeted.

AKA who has had a successful career thus far as one of the pioneers of Hip Hop in SA  thinks his former school should honor him to inspire kids like him from the same school.
“You know, I’ve always wondered why my high school never honored me, for anything I did …. It’s almost like I’m a secret or something. The rapper agreed with a fan who made a point of saying it might be because being an entertainer is not a ‘career’.
“If I was a springbok, or a swimmer or a scientist or was the conductor of the JHB symphonic what what …. Then probably,” the rapper tweeted. AKA says It would be nice for the black and coloured kids on a motivational level if the school engaged with him.