Two months after Justin Bieber went off Instagram, Philly rapper and Nicki Minaj's boyfriend's, Meek Mill has taken his account down too.

In odd fashion, Meek Mill‘s favourite social media outlet has mysteriously disappeared.

Why would he do such a thing? Who knows? Perhaps he’s readying a refresh to finally drop DC4. Or maybe, like his Twitter hiatus years before, it’s a self-imposed exile to clear his head.

Don’t ask why, but Meek Mill’s Instagram page was mysteriously taken down for some reason on Monday night.

Of course, many fans are already speculating as to why the disappearance happened. Whatever it is, it must mean something because Meek is an avid IG user and to see him delete it completely seems unusual.

This comes two months after music star, Justin Bieber also deleted his very active Instagram account after a spat between the Canadian and his fans over then rumoured girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

We’ll keep you posted if we get a reason for this random disappearance.

Remember, DC4 on the way.