THABANG told Daily Sun he is tired of living a lie and wants his girlfriend to know the truth.
“I want to tell her that I get money for having sex with other women,” he said.
Thabang Mangena (23) from Mamelodi, Tshwane said he drifted into the business when he was introduced to a rich white woman at the beginning of last year.
“She wanted someone to poke her and was willing to pay good money. I was unemployed and I called her. We met several times and she was impressed with what I was giving her.
“She said my 4-5 was magical.”
He said he made a lot of cash from his client.
“I asked her if she had friends who also wanted to be serviced. She gave me the numbers of other women and I couldn’t manage by myself. I brought in two friends who were unemployed.”
He calls his business Lonely Woman Desire.
“I don’t break up families. I help lonely women feel good about themselves,” he said.
He said he only makes appointments by e-mail.
“I make up to a R1 000 a day. I enjoy it because sex is always nice. Who doesn’t like it?” he asked.
“Sometimes I use boosters because I get tired but I do not turn clients away.”
Thabang said he lied to his girlfriend by saying he was employed at a car dealer.
“I didn’t want to lose her but I had no money. I decided to start selling my body so that I could take good care of my girlfriend,” he said.
He wants to expand his business.
“I have men ready for action in the Free State and the North West,” he said.