GOGO Nonkanyiso Dakuse (74) was a good stokvel treasurer.
But then her 23-year-old Indian Ben 10 promised her discounted rates for the stokvel’s tour to Cape Town – and that is when the trouble started!
The Ben 10, known as Mohammed Motsepe, has now disappeared with the sum of R65 000 belonging to the Transkei Retired Educators’ Stokvel.
The members were told they would spend a week’s holiday at the five-star Table Bay Hotel and they would fly in an executive jet.
Instead, in the end they had to sleep in the Khayelitsha community hall and travel in a “bhokhwe” bus to Cape Town.
“We almost died of shock when we heard Motsepe had disappeared with our money.
“Nonkanyiso had told us that young man was her boyfriend,” said stokvel chairperson madala Sigidimi Xundu (84).
“He said they hoped Nonkanyiso would be present at their last stokvel meeting, but she never arrived.
They claimed Nonkanyiso had stopped taking their calls and instead refers them to Pinky Saliwa.
“We were told that Pinky was a private detective, but she was just Nonkanyiso’s friend.
“Police told us we can’t open a case because we gave the money voluntarily and we have no written agreement.”
Nonkanyiso told Daily Sun Mohammed told her that he was related to Patrice Motsepe.
“He said he was rich and knew hotel owners who would give him discounts. I gave him the R65 000 when we were having a picnic in Cape Town.”
She said she was not avoiding the members and she would pay them back.
“I know Mohammed loves me and he will bring back the money,” the gogo said.
She said it was wrong for the media and cops to be involved.
The stokvel was formed in 2004 by retired teachers so that they could travel annually. The SunTeam tried calling what is allegedly Mohammed’s office number, but it rang unanswered.