A TEENAGE girl wants to warn others to live within their parents’ means.
The 17-year-old girl from Mthatha, known as Cutie Angel, said she spotted a fancy designer dress for R4 500 and told her mum she wanted it for her matric dance.
When her mother told her she could not afford it, the girl decided to sell her body to get the money.
“My friend told me of a man who could afford to even buy me a private jet, so on Sunday night I sneaked out after telling my mum I was attending a youth prayer service for the whole night.”
Instead, they went to Owen Street in Mthatha.
“A white Porsche stopped next to us and the driver, an Indian man, told us to jump in. He promised me R1 500 an hour and I agreed.
“We went to a hotel and on arrival he ordered pizza for me,” said Cutie.
The last thing she remembered seeing was a big yellow python coming out of the man’s bag.
She said: “I blacked out. When I woke up I was naked and feeling very tired.
“The man was getting dressed and he told me to voetsek. He warned me not to go to the police or the snake would eat me alive.
“He called a taxi for me and gave me four apples.
“I don’t know what he or his snake did to me. I have been having nightmares and had no choice but to tell my mum. But I refused to open a case as I was scared.”
Her mum said: “I offered her a R500 dress from Foschini, but she became cheeky and demanded something expensive.
“I hope girls learn a lesson from this. My daughter has gained nothing: she lost her virginity and self-worth.”
Source: Daily Sun