PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma has lamented the abuse he faces in Parliament every time he answers questions.
Following his question session in Parliament, Zuma said: “Each time when I come here, I am abused by members of your house. Instead of answering questions, I sit here being called a criminal, a thief,” he said.
He called for Parliament to do something about it.
“You are going to make it very difficult for me to fulfil my constitutional obligations, I think if I don’t raise the matter, I would be failing in my duty.”
He should not have to face people who did not respect the house, Zuma told MPs.
“I have to sit here and wait for these discussions. Your house must do something. If this house is not interested in me answering questions, you must say so, then don’t call me,” he said, before stepping off the podium.
Earlier in the sitting, EFF and Cope MPs walked out of the sitting, refusing to be addressed by Zuma.
“We’ll come back when the criminal is gone, we are not going to listen to the criminal,” EFF leader Julius Malema said.
Zuma's session in the National Assembly was first marred by Cope’s refusal to allow him to speak, with Willie Madisha disputing the president’s ‘honour’.

source: news24.