SINGER and songwriter Zodwa Masemola is furious!
Zodwa claims Mpumi Mzobe, of Busa fame, is not crediting her for her contribution to the song Ngifike.
Zodwa is signed to Helem Productions, owned by Mpumi’s manager and alleged boyfriend, John Helder.
“I signed a five-year contract last year, and John told me I needed to work on a song for a male producer.
“John loved the song, which is now Ngifike, and is featured on Mpumi’s album, The Birth of Mpumi. It was released this year.
“We both contributed equally and I’m shocked that when she started doing interviews, I wasn’t credited.
“When I confronted John, he told me I must create opportunities where I’ll be able to tell the media about my involvement,” Zodwa said.
She said she expected better from Mpumi.
“I’m not going to sit back and feel sorry for myself. I’m going to speak out against this injustice,” she said.
“This is my creative right and intellectual property.
“John is dodgy and I want nothing to do with him going forward,” she said.
John dismissed the allegations.
“The story is about four people: Mpumi, Zodwa, DJ Mix and KS Drums. As far as I know, Mpumi credits everyone who worked on Ngifike.
“But sometimes we’re human and we forget to mention others.”
Mpumi said: “When I go for media interviews I don’t focus on the song I did with Zodwa only.
“I speak about the whole album and other artists I’ve featured.
“She’s credited on the album sleeve.”