TWO women were seen walking down the street in the dark, at about 2am. 
And at about 5am, as dawn broke, word spread through the kasi. 
When residents went to investigate, they found the younger of the two women sitting naked under a table in a neighbour’s yard.  
The two women were first seen by local tavern patrons in the early hours of yesterday morning. They were walking down the street in Extension 23, GaRankuwa, north of Tshwane. 
Nobody knew where they were going and they were not seen again until later that morning. 
Residents couldn’t believe their eyes when the younger of the two women was found in a locked yard in the neighbourhood. She was naked and trapped under a table, next to a chilli plant, eating red chillies and shouting insults at onlookers. 
Later in the morning, motorists, workers and school children blocked the street as they came to look at the woman. 
The woman said she was a neighbour, but would not explain how she got into the locked yard. 
Then the older woman from the night before arrived and said she was the woman’s mother. 
She had brought a white gown for the woman to cover herself, which the young woman took reluctantly. 
The shaken owner of the house, whose name was Bra Jan, said he was shocked when he received a call to say there was a naked woman in his yard. 
“I’m sure I locked all the gates and when I checked they were still locked. I recognise the older woman because we are neighbours, but I have never seen the younger one, although we are supposed to be neighbours,” said Bra Jan. 
“This old woman never talks to me, not even to say good morning.” 
He unlocked the gate and called the cops, who came and took the woman from underneath the table. Her mother went to her but she refused to talk to her and didn’t even want to go with her. 
“I am tired of being used by you!” she screamed. 
GaRankuwa police spokesman, Captain Matthews Nkoadi, said the woman was taken to a place of safety because they feared the community might harm her. He said the woman’s mother came to fetch her and she was released into her care. 
Sangoma Nkanyezi Moropodi said the woman was trapped because a strong sangoma had been there. 
“The woman became trapped and exposed because the yard had been worked on,” she said.