Tiziana Cantone who filmed herself having sex with her new boyfriend and sent it to her ex boyfriend to taunt him, has committed suicide after he shared the video online and she was barraged with a lot of online abuse.
Her ex-boyfriend shared the highly explicit sex tape of the 31 year old and even revealed her full identity online as his own form of revenge. The video has been shared and downloaded on pornsites hundreds of thousands of times.
Tiziana, an Italian quit her job and relocated from Naples to Tuscany after reportedly being recognised and ridiculed and abused online and in real life.
She was in the process of legally changing her name when she was found dead, according to local press. Prosecutors have opened an inquest in her hometown-Naples which could bring criminal charges.
Teresa Petrosino, her friend, told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that Ms Catone was “destroyed” by the abuse.
“She had spoken of her desire to leave everything behind, and to close with the past”, she said. I wonder how anyone can be so fierce, how to rage against a girl who has not done anything wrong. I think that they should be ashamed of all those who have filled the web of insults and meanwhile secretly watched the images.”
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