His debut album Language Of Love is already a hit, and Afro pop singer Linda Gcwensa is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. We caught up with the Kwazulu-Natal-born star to find out where his love for music comes from.
“I embrace my African culture, which is why I sing in my home language, it’s very important to appreciate who you are and I’m very proud to be where I am from,” says the 26-year-old from Chesterville in Durban.
He says he doesn’t want settle down in Johannesburg anytime soon, because the life is “very fast here and I’m a very strict individual, so I don’t think I would fit in here”.
He confides that he attempted to move to the big city before, but that didn’t turn out well. “In 2014 I moved to Joburg, but because I didn’t know anyone here, so I ended up staying at Park Station until someone from KZN gave me a place to stay,” he recalls.
Apart from be a performer Linda is also a prolific song writer. “I was on Clash of the Choirs and I wrote a song for Robbie Malinga and Naima Kay called Sokwenzenjani. I also wrote a song for Zahara called Amaplayer, as well as for idols 2015 winner Karabo Mogane, Mthande Umuntu Wakho by Musa ft Robbie
He adds that song-writing has always been in his heart  and “I prefer being a song writer rather than being on stage”.