What kind of role model is Khanyi Mbau, giving young girls with skin bleaching saga? The young girls follow people like them think skin bleaching is to road to success end up in health problem.

But just in case you doubted that she is a clap back queen of note, this latest run-in with a Twitter user is sure to remind you.

Khanyi's love for beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures is no secret, as she's spoken out about it on numerous occasions in the past.

The TV personality has also received her fair share of hate for her changing appearance over the years, which she has tackled head-on.

However, it's a topic that gets people talking all the time.

One brave user recently commented on the complexion of her skin, comparing Khanyi to Michael Jackson.
"The way @MbauReloaded looks now, with that skin bleaching, A far cry from when she first started!," tweeted the user.
Khanyi immediately sprung into action showing the user the door.

Source: timeslive