If you follow Buhle on social media, then you will know that she is not shy to flaunt that bootylicious body.
But it seems some women took offence to her ‘displays of nudity’ and called her out on it.
Responding to the criticism, Buhle says that she will not be changing anything about the way she lives her life.
“This booty, I mean yumminess here is dedicated to the ladies I upset with twerk videos in the past few days especially yesterday. I mean how dare I live my life in a way that makes me happy and have a nerve to post about it,” she said.
In fact Buhle says that followers can expect more twerking videos.
“Fyi: I will be adding more tantric sex yoga, twerk and how to look good naked lessons to my teachings in the future and I’ll like post about it here,” she added.
Buhle went on to tell women who think her posts are ‘distasteful’ that they’re more than welcome to use the ‘unfollow’ option.
“I have but one chance, one lifetime and I choose to live it my way. If your unfollow button works now would be a good time to use it.” #Clapbackqueen
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