On July, 2, 2015, former celebrity gossip blogger and entrepreneur Necole Kane shut down her popular site NecoleBetchie.com and launched a new site, xoNecole which is centered on telling positive stories about women of color.

Sadly things are not going as planned...at least not yet. Necole has released a candid video where she tearfully admitted to being broke. It was so bad that she even went into debt. She recalls her journey from being jobless to building a successful career as a celebrity gossip blogger and then giving it all up to launch the new site.

Moving in with her aunt at age 25 after struggling to find a job, Nicole talks about the early beginnings of NecoleBetchie.com. After her aunt kicked her out she jetted down to Atlanta where her blog took off, describing it as the best thing that could’ve ever happened in her life.

"Over the past year, I've seen many people comment to me that my life is #goals. That my rebrand was flawless and I've been looked at as though I have the golden touch. That is far from the truth. It was a complete struggle to get to the happy place I'm currently in," she says.

In a world that rewards pretending and is obsessed with showing only the highlight reel versus the deleted scenes, I felt it would be a disservice to the people who follow me and believe in me if I didn't tell the truth about my transition from the celebrity gossip blog NecoleBitchie.com, to eventually launching a new site xoNecole.com. I felt the new site was a better representation of the woman I've evolved into, and would solely be focused on empowering stories from young women of color.

It's been rough, but I'm still here pushing through. And I've made so many mistakes and learned so many lessons along the way that I wanted to share with you.

To aspiring entrepreneurs: comparison is evil. It creates fear, self-doubt and can drive you off the path to success. Also, Never forget your "why." Why you do what you do is far important than what you actually do and it's what will keep you pushing though the hard times. It's a reminder of your purpose."

Watch the video below...