Fans of Unathi Msengana have come to her defence after an Instagram user claimed that the radio personality's body is "not attractive at all".

This comes after Unathi flaunted her toned tummy on Wednesday evening in an Instagram snap.

While many of her followers gushed over her body, saying it's "hot," one user, @esolo_rankhumise seemed to hold a different view.
In a comment by one of her followers, which has since been deleted, Esolo wrote: "That's [not] attractive at all...more like [you're] healing from your a [cesarean] operation."
The user's criticism was soon followed by a slew of backlash from Unathi's fans, who called Esolo a "hater".
"And that's why your profile be private #hater #fixyourface," one fan wrote.
Another responded to Esolo, asking: "And what would be wrong if she was @esolo_rankhumise? You've got rash due to jealousy and negativity."
Continuing to defend Unathi, @jabu_lee_le wrote: "Rebuking that evilness kuwe mtana bantu, don't let the devil use you," adding that the Unathi should keep motivating them, despite the negativity.
In response to Esolo's remark, Unathi urged her fans to "forgive people like @esolo_rankhumisewho have accounts and yet do not post anything."
She further hit back, saying: "Instead they troll people's accounts trying to break them. They are too stupid to know that what they are telling us is that they are the broken ones! How stupid!"
When one of her followers suggested that Unathi  should avoid responding to criticism, but she explained that by keeping quiet, she would be condoning cyber bullying.
"I sometimes respond because I believe out silence gives them more space to play. When we keep quiet we are saying cyber bullying is okay. It's not. Thank you for having my back," she revealed.
"I just can't allow for that negativity on my page because most people don't come for that so I must protect their happy space too. A lot of cruel things are repeatedly said on many celebrity pages, but  I believe somehow people know that if they try that with me it will be dealt with. Most of the time I just block!"
Source: timeslive