The ZA Central Registry (ZACR) reportedly suspended thousands of domains this week due to them not being moved to approved registrars.
The ZACR previously stated that a substantial number of domains were not associated with a ZACR-accredited registrar following their migration to its EPP system.
Domains which had not been moved to an accredited registrar by 1 September 2016 would be suspended, warned the ZACR and ZADNA, and would be “unreachable on the Internet”.
Domains which have not moved to an accredited registrar by 1 September 2017 will be deleted from the registry.
MyBroadband received multiple reports that over 15,000 domains have been suspended this week due to the policy.
Several websites visited by MyBroadband resulted in a “This site cannot be reached” message, including the Advertising Standards Authority and Cosatu’s pages.
The ZACR stated it would provide feedback on the matter, but had not done so by the time of publication.
Site not reached
source: mybroadband