Thembisa Mdoda was in the hot seat Monday night on Scoop Makhathini’s ‘The Cover’ where she spoke about her family, a public relationship and her new man. The actress couldn’t help but blush when asked about her man. Thembisa Mdoda opens up about loving again.

Thembisa Mdoda Opens Up About Loving Again

On learning to love again after a public break-up with fellow actor Atandwa Kani, Thembisa says she had to do a lot of work on herself and spring clean to make sure she didn’t end up the same as her previous relationship.

“There’s always space to love more. There’s never a time in your life when you must feel you must let hate and anger and hurt take over. When are you going to live? I let that happen when my died, I let all of that take the space in between and then I had to spring clean because If I don’t things end up the same,” Thembisa told Scoop.

Although Thembisa played coy on revealing her man, she says he is in the entertainment industry. The mom of two says she has learnt her lesson about displaying romance.

“I know what it’s like to be out there (with relationships). Love, ‘we are in love’ in the public but back at the ranch it’s hard. As soon as no one is watching, it’s no longer alright,” Thembisa said on the lessons she’s learnt.

“I truly believe God gave me this man, so whenever I want to speak about him, I speak to him. Whenever I want to speak to him, I speak to him and God. He was